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Spiced Chai | The PuraTea Company

Spiced Chai

full-bodied, spicy, intense

Chai is the national drink of India, commonly made with a strong black tea and Indian spices. This tea may be drunk as is but the addition of milk and sugar brings out all the wonderful flavors.

As a guideline we recommend brewing the tea first, nice and strong. Add hot milk at a ratio 7/8 tea with 1/8 milk, although you may like more milk, this is a guideline! Whole milk brings out the richness of the flavors best. White sugar is the better sweetener for chai, to get the fullest flavor from the spices without introducing a new flavor.

And one last note: Chai means tea in India. So when ordering just ask for a chai, not a chai tea or you will be ordering tea-tea!

black tea (37%), aniseed, cinnamon pieces, ginger pieces, black peppercorns, cloves, chicory root, flavoring Product of: Germany
1-2 tsp / 6oz freshly drawn boiled water, steep 5-8 minutes or to taste. Add milk and sugar as desired. Both tea quantity and brew time are guidelines, adjust to your taste preference and jot down Your Brew on the label. Enjoy your tea.
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