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Help & FAQ | The PuraTea Company

Help & FAQ

At PuraTea you can always contact us but here are answers to some common questions.

Ordering & Payments

What are your accepted payment methods?

Can I use pre-paid Gift Cards to pay for my order?

Do you have PuraTea gift cards?

Do you collect sales tax?

Is ordering on your site secure?

Shipping Information

What types of shipping do you offer in the U.S. and Canada?

How quickly will my order ship?

How will I know my order has been shipped?

How do I track my shipment?

Do you ship outside the U.S. and Canada?

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

Do you ship to APOs, FPOs or DPOs?

Do you ship to the U.S. Territories?

Returns & Warranty Information

What is your Returns Policy?

How do I return or exchange items from my order?

PuraTea Products

I notice natural flavors are listed in the ingredients of some teas. Can you please explain this.

Is there an expiration date on tea?

Is your tea certified Organic or Fair Trade?

Is your tea Gluten Free?

How should I store my tea?

Can I purchase the teas and infusions in a store?

Other Questions

What are your office hours?

How can I contact you?