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About Us | The PuraTea Company

About Us
The PuraTea Company

The PuraTea Company is a small, family run business based in beautiful Colorado. We offer pure, ethically sourced, high quality loose leaf teas meticulously sourced from renowned tea plantations and blended in Europe. Our teas, herbal infusions and fruit blends are enjoyed in my own home and I am excited to share them with you.

How it all began
It was on a visit home. I was sat with my Mum in a teashop on the shore of a beautiful Scottish loch. The view of sailing boats, a castle and, for Scotland, not bad weather! We were catching up after too long apart, laughing at a seagull trying to raid a bird feeder. We were served individual pots of tea, each sat on its own little tray. The aroma of our chosen teas scenting the air, we relaxed a little bit more into our seats. It was our very own little tea ceremony and an idea was born.
And so, The PuraTea Company was created
I am passionate and excited about The PuraTea Company, and am proud to be associated with teas that fall in line with my ideals of ethical, healthy, organic and environmentally sound.

Having travelled through Asia and Africa myself in my younger days, enjoying the wonderful people and cultures I came across, I value the ideals of supporting communities from where these teas originate.

We source fabulous teas from top quality tea blenders in Europe with 180 years of tradition and expert knowledge in the tea business. Who source great quality tea direct from the tea plantations and work closely with the farmers. These longstanding relationships with the plantations, the demand of high cultivation standards and good social conditions for the plantation workers and their families all result in a trusting cooperation between tea grower and tea blender. By doing business in this way, it also ensures the continued high quality tea production for the next generation of farmers and tea drinkers. These are the blenders from whom I select our teas, supplying quality, ethical teas that we can open and honestly feel good about bringing to your teacup, and that you can feel good about drinking.

Discover the calming ritual of PuraTea
Make it a ritual to take some time in your busy day to relax with a cup of PuraTea. It will become your very own tea ceremony.

A time to brew, a time to unwind, a time to be inspired.