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Quality Management | The PuraTea Company

Quality Management

At The PuraTea Company we acquire high quality teas from well-established tea houses. In fact our main supplier based in Europe, is one of the oldest tea merchants, having remained in business for over 180 years.
Their founding principle was and remains fairness in trade coupled with commitment to quality and relationships. They have long-standing business relationships with renowned tea plantations and support sustainable development in the countries of origin. They recognize that environmental protection is important to the future of us all.
The purchasing decision of their tea tasters is not only based on the high quality of the tea, but also longstanding relationships with plantations, the cultivation standards of the tea as well as the social conditions for workers on the plantations. These relationships enable them to follow the tea from growth to the tea cup. This all leads to a trustful cooperation between grower and tea house and ensures first class quality teas for our customers.
All their teas and ingredients are carefully chosen and subject to strict continuous quality controls including analysis for heavy metals, aflatoxins (produced by fungi) and pesticides. Furthermore, the EU is known for its firm stance on consumer safety to which these quality controls must adhere. The MRL (maximum residue limits) threshold for pesticides set in Europe is often lower than other countries including the US and include a large safety margin. Companies with a good quality control program are rewarded with a high level of consumer safety and satisfaction. Plus they are well regarded within the industry and retaining that standing is important to this successful tea house.
Organic tea, a benchmark many look up to, uses pesticides derived from natural sources rather than synthetic. However, this does not regulate the quantity of any substance used, and a synthetic fungicide only requires less than half that of the organic alternative. Also, teas may be grown without synthetic pesticides and herbicides but cannot be called organic because they have not paid for and passed the expensive certification requirements. In fact caffeine, naturally found in tea, protects the health of the plant and acts as a natural pesticide against insects.
So, know the tea you are drinking. Do you know it’s origin? Does it come through a reputable tea house/blender? Is it a European company that has to stand up to more stringent consumer safety guidelines? Are you drinking quality loose leaf tea?
All our teas and infusions at The PuraTea Company show their origin on the packaging. They have passed both strict EU and FDA guidelines for consumer safety and all our organic products are both European and USDA organic certified.
So no, we do not blend our own teas. We could not possibly compete with the knowledge, history and technology mentioned above. Also these tea companies do not sell retail, so you can only have access to these great teas through companies like us. However, we do pride ourselves in being transparent with our customers about our teas. And we are always on the lookout for other great tea houses that stand up to our expectations of a great cup of tea, but rest assured they will be held to the same high standards.