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Lady Rose | The PuraTea Company

Lady Rose

smooth, floral

This delightful, floral black tea is one of the classic Chinese scented teas. The smooth, rich black tea is a Chinese Orange Pekoe and is produced using the traditional method of layering red rose petals and tea leaves. The tea naturally absorbs the fragrant aroma and once the desired effect is achieved the rose petals and tea are separated by sieving. Our Lady Rose retains a few rose petals giving it a beautiful optic. It may be served with just a dash of milk or cream if wished.

For our tea connoisseurs Rose Tea is also known as Meigui Hongcha.

Orange Pekoe black tea, rose petals, flavoring Origin: China
1 level tsp / 6oz freshly drawn boiled water, steep 4-5 minutes or to taste. Both tea quantity and brew time are guidelines, adjust brew to your taste preference and jot down Your Brew on the label. Enjoy your tea.
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