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Golden Tippy OP | The PuraTea Company

Golden Tippy OP

smooth, aromatic, caramel notes

This delicious organic black tea comes to us from the Ha Giang Province in the north of Vietnam. Small, family-run estates cultivate teas following the traditional methods handed down through generations.

The evenly worked full leaf tea is light brown with golden leaf tips which give this tea its name. These golden tips are young, small unopened leaves of the tea plant and are considered of higher quality. When a tea contains many tips it is called a Tippy and is considered a premium tea.

When brewed this organic Orange Pekoe black tea has a copper colored cup. Light and smooth yet full-bodied and aromatic with slight floral notes and hints of caramel. Try drinking this as is before you add anything, you may decide it's already perfect.

For our tea gurus this is an organic Orange Pekoe (OP) grade which refers to the size of the full leaves.

Organic Orange Pekoe black tea Origin: Vietnam
1 level tsp / 6oz freshly drawn boiled water, steep 4 minutes or to taste. Both tea quantity and brew time are guidelines, adjust brew to your taste preference and jot down Your Brew on the label. Enjoy your tea.
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