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Sweet Mint | The PuraTea Company

Sweet Mint

Refreshing, slightly sweet

This herbal infusion goes by many names, orginally Crisped Mint. Grown in Morocco, and known as Nana Mint, it is a traditional drink of this African country. It was revered by ancient Romans for its ability to focus the mind.

This member of the mint family has no menthol nuances but rather a delicious vitalizing spearmint taste. A great refreshing thirst-quencher with palette cleansing qualities. It gives a naturally caffeine-free, refreshing yet slightly sweet infusion which may be enjoyed hot or cold.

100% Spearmint leaf Origin: USA
1-2 tsp, 6oz, boiling, 5-10 mins Always use freshly drawn water. Both tea quantity and brew time are guidelines, adjust brew to your preference and jot down Your Brew on the label. Enjoy your tea.
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